Online Book Review of The Relief of Imperfection

by Joan C Webb on March 5, 2008

Thank you to Deena Peterson, great online book reviewer for her recent glowing review of The Relief of Imperfection. Visit her at to view her A Peek at My Bookshelf site. Read her “fun” book review of The Relief of Imperfection. Here it is:
I don’t know about you, but I enjoy reading books that help me see things more clearly, give me direction, and rely heavily on Scripture to guide me. I realize the Bible is more than sufficient, but sometimes reading an author’s thoughts puts things in perspective. . .
I’ve spent so many years of my life, performing and obeying for approval. Working myself to death for a morsel of self-acceptance, delivered by someone else to me. Striving to put forth the image of the woman who has it all together.

Honestly, if I did have it all together, I’d set it down somewhere and forget where it was! Once that soaked in to my soul, the pretense was gone (for the most part) and real life settled in.

I still struggle with perfection, which was why I was so grateful to receive a copy of “The Relief of Imperfection” by Joan C. Webb. Joan uses real life anecdotes and Scripture to reveal the joy of our imperfection is His perfection revealed in us.
Her book is divided into multiple sections for personal or small group study, beginning with “Preparing for Relief…What’s Wrong with Perfection”? Yes, dear reader friends…we have to prepare ourselves to be imperfect.
When you begin to read, you realize just how ingrained it is in us to put out the “June Cleaver” mom, the “Donna Reed” wife, and the “Martha Stewart” homemaker. But Joan’s wisdom and insight slowly unshackles us from those heavy yokes and sets us free to be. . .
Well, us! And it feels weird at first, to just be yourself in Jesus…but you get used to it!
Joan’s message is serious and intense, but her writing style is laced with humor. Just take a look at some chapter titles: “I Was Perfect Once, But I Didn’t Like It Much”; “When Playing God Is No Longer My Best Role”.
Now, I highly recommend that you read this book with your Bible, a journal and a highlighter nearby. Of course, you have total and complete freedom to read this book how it suits you…isn’t that GREAT!!
So, I’m giving “The Relief of Imperfection” six out of five bookmarks, with a tiny mirror as a charm…it’s time we got to know ourselves through Jesus’ eyes, and not our own…or the eyes of others.
Thanks, Joan! You’re perfectly imperfect!! LOL!! Love ya!
Happy Reading!
P.S. Joan has offered TWO copies of her book as giveaways. So visit my website, A Peek at my Bookshelf, at and read the review for The Relief of Imperfection and I’ll pick a winner on March 15th!!

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