Relief of Imperfection Oops!

by Joan C Webb on September 19, 2008

What a riot!

I just got an email from a writer-friend who told me that there is a typo on the flyer I just sent to about 150 people! I had seen it before and meant to delete it, but I didn’t! Well, it just goes to prove that I’m covered with “imperfection.” And since I’ve made progress in my “trying-too-hard-to-make-it-all-just-right” journey,
I’m laughing here–instead of crying! :-)

Someone helped me with the flyer initially and I’m so grateful. I would probably never have figured out how to make the book cover background! Still they used that word that means “celebrated and famous” and I was overwhelmed by that. But I forgot to adjust it.
Oh, well, again.

I actually felt the knots in my neck relax a little. Isn’t that ironic?!

Have a wonderful, imperfect weekend. With lots of relief.

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