Relief of Imperfection Opportunity-Arizona

by Joan C Webb on September 19, 2008

It’s Friday! Hope you have a great weekend.

I wanted to let all my Arizona friends know about this upcoming Relief of Imperfection opportunity coming on Saturday, October 4 in San Manuel, AZ southeast of Chandler. It’s a One-Day Retreat sponsored by Tri-Community Churches. It’s FREE–and you’re invited. It’s at the First Baptist Church San Manuel. Call Jan at 520-490-1998 for info and to register.

Enjoy meaningful alone time, fun interactive chats, poignant story-telling, and biblical insights, as well as give-aways throughout the relief-producing day on October 4 at First Baptist Church San Manuel, AZ at the corner of First Avenue and Nickols in San Manuel. For info and registration about this free retreat, call Jan at 520-490-1998.

The retreat is a reader’s digest version of my new book, The Relief of Imperfection. Trying-too-hard-to-make-it-all-just-right (yes, it’s a type of perfectionism!) has many faces, includes all personality styles, and cuts across cultural lines. It has to do with unreasonable expectations–how we belittle ourselves and others for having human (we translate that word as weak) thoughts and emotions, inconsistent faith or less-than-excellent plans, accomplishments, families, bodies or dreams. Yet we who sometimes get worn-out “trying too hard” can learn the exciting adventure of learning to relax and realize that everything doesn’t need to be so difficult and that some things can actually be easy, fun and smile-able. What a relief!

I’ve love to see you there.

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