Baby Jesus’ Imperfect Reality

by Joan C Webb on December 2, 2010

What’s up for you this Christmas?

Las Vegas Christmas 2007 tulips websizeIf you’re like me (and all those I know!) your holiday reality may be good, but everything’s not perfect.

For example, the Webb family Christmas celebration with our son, daughter and seven grandchildren is scheduled early, which means that Richard and I will spend a very quiet Christmas day. We do it this way so our children can spend Christmas with their in-laws.

Hey, there’s no picture-perfect way to celebrate Christmas. (Contrary to what TV commercials and online articles tell us!) Sometimes things just seem a little off–like tulips in the snow or missing relatives on Christmas day.

It Wasn’t Fair!

Even Baby Jesus wasn’t born into a perfect situation, community or family. It’s likely that teenage Mary’s friends shunned her for being pregnant before she and Joseph lived together as husband and wife. It wasn’t fair. They didn’t understand. Joseph had few supplies and a full-term pregnant wife to care for on that long uncomfortable journey to Bethlehem. Didn’t anyone care? Once they arrived, they found no decent place to stay. What’s good about that?

Yet God delivered His perfect Son anyway, on a scratchy patch of straw. Jesus agreed to leave His Father’s side to live with us in imperfection so we could have the opportunity to reconnect with a flawless and almighty God.

Consequently, He is not surprised by our limitations or repulsed by our messiness. He understands and He redeems. With Jesus as our example, we can stop the silent demand that imperfection go away. He gives us imperfect joy now and the hope of flawless delight later in heaven with Him. Now that’s Christmas relief!

I’m wondering: What does Jesus mean to you this imperfect Christmas 2010? What would you like for Him to mean to you?

Christmas animated ornamentsMerry Christmas, Everyone! I’ll “see” you again in January. I’m on vacation during the rest of December.









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