Do You Ever Burn the Candle at Both Ends?

by Joan C Webb on August 16, 2011

Hope for the Tired

As I tried to climb out of the deep pit of burnout, I loved this Old Testament verse. It gave me HOPE then, as it does now. “If you do away with the yoke of oppression, with the pointing finger and malicious talk, . . . then your light will rise in the darkness. . . . The LORD will guide you always; he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame.” Isaiah 58:9-11

“When you burn both ends of a candle, it may produce twice as much light, but the candle burns out twice as fast. People experiencing burnout suddenly discover that all of their mental, emotional and physical energies have been consumed,” writes management expert, Myron Rush. Perhaps you’ve noticed this “I can do it all” phenomenon in your own life or in the lives of leaders you know. Sometimes it leads to shaming-blaming behavior. But God says there’s hope for the overwhelmed and tired.

Have you seen the effects of a forest fire? Once-luscious trees stand barren. Formerly lush wildflowers become parched. Yet God’s handiwork and time can replenish what the flames have stolen.

And God will replenish His exhausted children, too. When you give Him control, He promises to meet your heart’s sun-scorched needs and give you hope-filled strength for the healing process.

Have you ever caught yourself burning the candle at both ends?

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Lynn Harris August 18, 2011 at 11:31 pm

Hello Joan1 My name is Lynn Harris and I would like to share something with you.

I had never heard the name Joan Webb before in my life but I woke up about three days ago with the name Joan Webb on my mind. It is very rare when a persons full name just pops in your head. I got up and set on the edge of my bed to make sure that I was fully awake.

Once I realize that I was awake and the name Joan Webb was still clear in my head I picked up my phone and googled your name. It really hit home to find that you are an artist and a writer. I also like to draw and I have written several poems and short stories.

I have been wanting to write my life story for serval years now but just wasn’t sure how to get started. I have also been wanting to develop a family based community center. This idea was inspired by my oldest son Sammy, who was shot and killed in the summer of 1994 because he refused to join a local street gang.

To sum this all up, I met for lunch this past spring with a high school classmate. We started talking while we waited for our meals. In that short peroid of time we both realized that we needed to write a book together. In spite of the differences we had we also have so much in common.

Now Joan! I don’t know how spiritual you are and as I mentioned before, I never knew you exsisted until your name just popped in my head the other morning, but I feel that you and I have a spiritual connection because these things just don’t happen.

I will be researching and following your work from now on and maybe it will help me find the missing peices of my dreams. I know you probably receive thousands of e-mails a day but if you just happen to read mine and it gets your attention I would appreciate your feedback.

Thank you so much Ms. Joan Webb and God Bless.

Joan C. Webb August 18, 2011 at 11:44 pm

Hi Lynn! Thanks for your message. It amazes me. Funny thing: I just happened to “see” it (just returned back from a trip) even before I was notified that you had left a message. You do have quite the story, Lynn. Thank you for sharing a little bit with me. I’m wondering where you live. I will send you an email. Blessings on you this night.

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