Where’s the Relief in That Imperfect Project?

by Joan C Webb on August 10, 2011

People, families, children, organizations, churches, schools, bodies, emotions, and projects don’t have the capacity to be perfect 24/7. And now I have another illustration that illustrates this truth!

I just spent several hours creating this week’s blog–photos and all, only to LOSE IT ALL! It was a nice blog about the daily news, economic worries, grandchildren, tears, okay-ness and ice cream.

And there’s no time to re-do it because I’m “leaving on a jet-plane.” Okay now I’ve not only lost my blog, but my mind is slipping, too… I’m reverting to singing “Golden Oldies.”

I think I’ll go read a few chapters in that book titled The Relief of Imperfection by Joan C. Webb. :roll: I think I need it, especially since I just discovered the “photo” feature in this blog program isn’t working, either! Time to shut down my computer and go finish packing for my trip!

Now the tags and categories don’t work. Am I chuckling yet? Actually I am!

Well, when’s the last time you had an “imperfect” project like this one!

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