Nourishment for New Moms: New Book!

by Joan C Webb on September 7, 2011

Rich & Mommy Joan by pool in Oildale, CA bakersfieldI’m a walking zombie. I remember thinking and voicing these words after months of awakening with a crying, hungry baby up to seven times a night. (Found out later that he had chronic ear problems.)

I also recall feeling rather alone and wondering if anybody was listening. I never dreamed I’d be so tired. So when I read Krista’s e-mail about her new-mommy days, I identified. Here’s Krista’s story:

Krista says, “I’m Still Here!”

When my son was a baby, he went through a phase like most babies do, where he would become distraught if he couldn’t see me. I’d walk into another room to grab something, and he’d cry. If I walked behind his bouncy seat where he couldn’t see me, he’d wail.

One day I was busy trying to finish some chores, so I walked out of view and he cried. When he couldn’t find me, he screamed louder. I felt sad for him and said, “Honey, it’s okay. I’m still here. Just because you can’t see me, doesn’t mean I left you.”

I gasped. Oh, my, that’s what God is saying to me. Suddenly I felt the love and nurture of my heavenly Father. He assured me that even when I didn’t see evidence of His presence, He was there. This was the first of many parenting aha’s that God shared with me—and I’m incredibly grateful.

I love Krista’s story and am glad she gave me permission to share it in my new book, Nourishment for New Moms. If you’re a new mom (for the first time or the fifth!) you may enjoy the other stories, tips, and practical encouragement in my new book. OR perhaps you’d like to give the book to a new mom who could use a little “nourishment” and validation.

What do you remember about your new moms days? Ever feel like a “walking zombie”?

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