Sipping Chai Tea and Chatting with God

by Joan C Webb on September 13, 2011

cup of teaSitting in my overstuffed chair, sipping chai tea and chatting with God.

G’ Morning, Lord! You are the same today as You were yesterday, last year, and eons ago. And You’re the same as You will be a million years from now, although TIME as we know it will probably be gone by then. I would think so. Yet I don’t know that for sure. Only You know that.

You, Father God/Jesus/Holy Spirit don’t live in TIME. I do. All we humans do. TIME is your idea and gift of protection, structure, and organization for us. You let us choose how to use this gift. You give us this privileged responsibility.

Thank you, Lord, for the confidence You place in us and the respect You show for us. You amaze me.

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Lynn Harris September 28, 2011 at 8:25 pm

Those are certainly words of truth!

I don’t think enough people realize how easy it is to talk to God. We will tell our problems to a total stranger, or someone we think we know and trust not realizing that they have as many or more problems than we do.

What’s scary about that is when you’re leaning on someones shouldler it keeps you from holding your head up so they are really holding you down.

When we talk to God we don’t have to worry about him telling all our business, or spreading ugly rumors about us, not returning our calls or answering the door when we need someone to talk to.

We don’t have to make an appointment, dress or speak a certain way, or be invited or accepted into his presence. All we have to do is Praise, Pray, Have Faith, and Believe. God is ALWAYS there for you with open arms and tender loving care.

Joan C. Webb October 8, 2011 at 1:53 am

Oh, yes, indeed, Lynn. It’s such a smile-able reality–that God loves to listen and that He willingly enters into communication and conversation with us. Thanks for sharing

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