“So That’s What Jesus Is About?!”

by Joan C Webb on April 8, 2012

A Happy Easter Story (Yes, it actually happened!) 

“Joan, I must be missing something! I’ve tried to be good all my life and do what  God wants. But things in my life haven’t turned out the way I thought they would,” said my friend as we sat across from one another at the local coffee shop. “I just keep telling God ‘I’m sorry’ over and over and over. What am I missing?”

I listened as she shared about her confusion, pain—and disappointing relationships. Then she repeated, “I just must be missing something!”

“Do you really want to know what you’re missing?” I asked. 

She nodded. 

“It’s Jesus. He’s the way to God. He’s what you’re missing. You can never do enough to make it all right between God and you. Jesus died for your mistakes, wrong, and sin. When you accept who He is and what He did for you on the cross, you’re made right with God so that you don’t have to keep saying ‘I’m sorry…I’m sorry…I’m sorry…’ in vain.” 

“You’re kidding me,” said my friend. “So that’s what Jesus is all about?!” 

“Do you want to connect with God through Jesus?” I asked. 


So right there in the coffee house, we prayed. She told God her predicament, acknowledged her need, told Him that she believed that Jesus gave his life for her and admitted that she wanted a personal relationship with Him.

What Does Easter 2012 Mean to You?

It’s Easter—the day we celebrate Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection. This is not merely a good story that churches tell once a year just for the tradition of it. Easter represents LIFE. It’s the reason and meaning of everything. We human beings, although created and treasured by God, are just not good enough to hit the bull’s eye of God’s perfection. It’s a dilemma, because we long to know our Creator. The good news is we can quit working so frantically to be something that’s impossible. God’s Son, Jesus, hit the bull’s eye for us. His work on the cross makes us right with God—now and forever. It’s the greatest RELIEF of all. 

So when did you come to understand the true meaning of Easter? When did you realize what Jesus is all about?

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