Can You Be Too Perfect?

by Joan C Webb on August 18, 2012

Have you ever tired too hard and it sabotaged your success? If so, you’re in good company. 

Does the name Rory McIlroy sound familiar? Probably so, if you play or watch golf or love anyone who does. Last weekend I watched as Rory won the 2012 PGA Championship and regained his “#1 golfer in the world” title. Okay, Rory’s very good; got a beautiful swing. No, the golfer in the photo is not Rory! Think your own golf game! :-)

I did a double-take when I heard Rory say during an interview, “I tried to be too perfect” referring to his disappointing 2011 loss at the Masters.

“Back that up,” I shouted to my husband. “I want to hear that again.” I grabbed my iPad and shot this video. It’s just a few seconds long. Check it out. Rorry interview about perfectionism Aug 2012

Rory said that he put too much pressure on himself to be perfect and that when he “freed himself up” it was a turning point for him.

Trying too hard to hit the perfect shot dulls your golf game. And trying too hard in your spiritual life—to accomplish flawless quiet times and Bible studies, gain impressive amounts of knowledge or look like the perfect Christian with all the right answers—can dull your soul. You don’t have to be perfectly spiritual to come to Jesus. Whoever you are today and whatever you’re trying to achieve, He loves and accepts you whether you think you’re winning, losing, or not good enough to play at all.

I’ve found that when I just pray in faith no matter how emotionally or spiritually imperfect I feel, He’s there. (Read Matthew 11:28-30 and see what I mean.)

Do you identify with Rory? Have you ever tried too hard and it sabotaged your success — at work, at play or in your spiritual life? What was your turning point? 



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