Get Out of Your Summer Rut!

by Joan C Webb on August 4, 2012

Did you have a goal for your summer 2012 that you haven’t reached yet? That’s okay. You still have time! Autumn doesn’t officially begin until September 22.

You have seven full weeks to take intentional steps toward reaching your desire. Don’t know where to start? Here’s a suggestion:

1. Take a few reflective moments to make 1-3 responses for each of the following Q’s.

  • What is good about my life today?
  • What concerns me about my life at the current time?
  • What is missing/lacking in my life right now?

2. Jot down your responses. You have the privilege of optimizing the “good.” Your “concerns” give you an opportunity to identify focus for development. Your felt “lacks” are an opportunity to make wise/healthy decisions that fill the void.

3. Next look at your concerns and lacks. Choose one. What is one small intentional next step you will take to move toward positive change and growth in that area? (Keep your step within your control. You can’t change anyone else. Only yourself.) Maybe you will schedule a 10 minute prayer/Bible reading time 3 times during the next week. Perhaps you’ll make a doctor appointment. Maybe your choice will be to calmly ask your hubby for help with specific tasks. Perhaps you will create a budget. Choose something that will help you move closer to your summer dream.

4. Now tell someone. It will solidify your decision and help you to be more accountable.

If your goal seems too big, be encouraged. You can keep taking small NEXT steps. They build on one another. Every Olympic athlete started with with one small step! 

You can partner with God for growth. “The LORD says, ‘I will guide you along the best pathway for your life.’” (Ps. 32:8 NLT) I love that, don’t you?

So, what is your next intentional step?

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