Playing and Lollygagging!

by Joan C Webb on November 16, 2012

“What about spending time producing nothing but adrenaline, laughter, memories? What about spending some of the day in sheer, unapologetic uselessness–not just ceasing from our utilitarian existence, but turning it right on its head?” writes Mark Buchanan in his relief-packed book, The Rest of God. 

That’s what I plan to do! On my vacation. I leave in the morning and I’m not working in the office again until Dec. 10! 

I’m going to play, lollygag, laugh, and make memories with my husband Richard. Ahhh! 

This I know tonight: God loves me when I work. God loves me when I play. God loves me when I lollygag. And He gives me all these renewal-producing gifts to enjoy. You, too!

When will you take some time to play and lollygag? Perhaps you did so recently. How was it?

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