Stop Just Letting Life Happen to You!

by Joan C Webb on January 30, 2013

“I feel so unfocused and disorganized!” said my friend Laura. She had been downsized from her job, moved, and was trying to decide whether to get married again. “How can I manage all this change?”  she asked. “It’s hard for me to be intentional. What in the world that is, anyway?”   

Perhaps like Laura, you wonder what I mean when I write about “becoming an intentional woman.” Although it’s a process and not always easy, it is possible.  I can’t change anyone else, but I can make positive changes in my own attitudes and behavior. An intentional woman with a heart for God:

  • Works at becoming proactive, instead of just letting life happen to her—merely reacting to life’s unexpected circumstances. 
  • Accepts what she cannot change about her season and circumstances, making courageous and deliberate decisions about the things she can change. 
  • Is not self-absorbed to the point of leaving others out of her life; nor does she live her life through or for others. The attitudes and pressures of other people do not unduly influence her. 
  • Is directed, not driven and focused, not floundering.
  • Realizes she won’t be perfectly problem-free, yet she has a desire to honor God with what she has been given. 

Yet I believe that the key reason for living intentionally is to glorify God as the person He created you to be. In honoring our uniqueness, you and I come before our Creator and Savior with freedom and integrity. Just writing that down makes my shoulders relax and my breath to flow easier. How about you?

What’s one word that reminds you of an “becoming an intentional woman”?

*Preparing to facilitate/teach an Intentional Woman Seminar this weekend led me to share this tonight. 

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Diane Markins February 1, 2013 at 12:29 pm

Joan, I can relate to Laura right now. God asked me to “cease striving” so He could start making things happen fully in His will and by His power in my life. When I did that, He kicked everything into high gear. Now I’m sorta struggling to keep up with all He lined up for me. I know I have to relax in His ability and simply take one intentional step at a time, but old habbits die hard. Thanks for reminding all of us to participate and “own” life, not just let it happen to us.

Joan C. Webb February 4, 2013 at 11:45 am

Hi Diane! Thanks for your authentic sharing. I do identify with you. We’re in a culture that beckons us to strive for more–especially the publishing/writing/speaking/blogging/social media/outreach industry, it seems.
I have the sense that God has been telling me something similar. The words I’ve heard in my mind/soul are “It is enough. You have enough. You’ve done enough. I’m not asking you for more. What happens now with be “icing and so sweet.” It is like “cease striving.” And He is doing things and bringing opportunities. Interesting. The other message I sense from Him is “You don’t have to do anything else unless you have help.” I’ve wanted “help” for a long while, but been very concerned that I don’t have the $ to pay for help. Still I’m wondering if this is a key for me in this new phase.
And you’re right, old habit die hard. Some of it is deeply ingrained. Thinking of you and praying for you right now.
Relief-blessings to us both!

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