Evil. Terror. Anger. Grief.

by Joan C Webb on April 20, 2013

Recently we’ve been surrounded with news of death, explosions, and terror perpetrated on innocent men, women and children. Pain is deep; grief inevitable. Like others, I’ve struggled to find words of comfort and hope. Then I remembered something God showed me through an experience that His Son Jesus had while He lived here on earth.

When one of His best friends died, Jesus arrived in town several days after the burial. At the grave Jesus wept tears of sorrow and anger — sorrow at the death of His friend and anger at the unbelief and wrong so prevalent in an imperfect and decaying world.*

John 11-35 Jesus Wept websizeLike Jesus, we feel angry and sad when we see the devastating effects of sin and unfaith. Death, abuse, injustice, and pain are the natural results of living in a world that ignores its Creator and doesn’t value others.
Both anger and grief are normal responses to death, evil, and injustice. As long as we live on this damaged planet, we will experience these and other disturbing emotions. I believe that one day we who have chosen to follow Jesus, will join Him in a sorrow free place. Until then, like Jesus, we can allow ourselves to grieve, to care, to pray and to help wherever we can.
So I’m praying, “Lord, teach me to be honest with my own human emotions, to accept people when they hurt, and to reach out  –  all while dreaming of a better day to come.” Want to join me?

* Jesus’ story from John 11:33-38.

Photo of sad woman is an “Image courtesy of FrameAngel/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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Ginny April 22, 2013 at 3:38 am

This really touches the spot where pain and deep unhappiness lurks.. reminding me to hold onto Him the “author and finisher of my faith” Simply His way IS the perfect way.

Joan C. Webb April 23, 2013 at 2:38 am

Ginny, it sounds like you’ve experienced much hurt. Thanks for reading and for sharing here. And may you indeed sense God’s loving reassurance right now and hope for tomorrow.

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