Men Want to be Dads!

by Joan C Webb on June 16, 2013

[It's Dad's Day! I just read this "Father's Day" article from the Presidential Prayer Team. Enjoy!]

Son Rich with 2 of his sons Son Rich with 2 of his sons

Poll Reveals Most Men Want To Be Dads

(Saturday, June 15, 2013)

More than eight out of ten men say they want to be fathers or think they’d like to be one someday.

That compares to seven out of ten mothers who said they always knew they wanted to have children. The Associated Press survey also found that 69 percent of men said their long-standing desire to have children was an important factor in their decision to have kids.

The poll also found that dads were more likely than moms to say they saw positive effects from fatherhood on both their love life and career. They also said they are just as likely as moms to say fatherhood improved their overall happiness, sense of accomplishment and sense of purpose. Men surveyed also were more skeptical than women that a single mother can do as good a job raising a child as two parents can.

(Sources: AP, ABC) 

As the Lord leads, please pray:

  • That fathers everywhere will be godly examples to their children
  • That children will honor their fathers on Father’s Day
  • For single moms who have to be both mother and father to their children

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