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by Joan C Webb on August 7, 2013

IMG_5099I’m excited! I have a new website. (Click here to travel there.) New blog. New JCW logo. (See the photo?) New “brand.” New photos. New FREE RESOURCES for you. New cards and Life Coaching and LifePlan one-pagers (instead of brochures!) 

For all of you who have been following my blog and receiving posts in your email, this will be the last post you’ll receive from my old website.

JCW promo websizeSo, PLEASE click over to my new site at and sign up to receive my weekly blogs in your email. It will just take a moment. And I’d love to have you reading/commenting/interacting on my new site.

During the last few weeks, I’ve posted a blog series on my new site about BURNOUT and COMPASSION FATIGUE. Check it out. Maybe it will help someone you love:

For the women at the LIFT Summer Refresher, JUST PRESS PAUSE, who requested the poem I shared with them, here it is:

  What Do You Need? (It may be different than what your friend needs.)

Some of us need to stop thinking and do,
while others need to stop doing and think.
Some need to stop asking and give, though
others need to cease giving and ask.
Some of us need to stop crying and smile,
yet others need to stop smiling and cry.
Some need to stop confronting and give in,
while others need to quit compromising and confront.
Some of us need to stop waiting and run,
Though others need to stop running and wait.
Some need to practice discipline and organize, yet others need to cease
structuring themselves into a box and relax.
God is big enough to help us all. What do you need?

Come on over to my new site/blog and tell me what you think?

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