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Biblical Application with a Coaching Model

If you want a seminar, training session, workshop or event that powerfully impacts your audience, Joan is the speaker/teacher/facilitator for you. Joan expertly sets a scene, creating an atmosphere that produces an “a-ha” in the minds and hearts of her listeners. Joan’s presentations focus on Biblical application with a coaching model.

Comments heard after Joan’s Presentations and Workshops include:

  • “You make the scriptures come alive.”
  • “Right on target for me.”
  • “You really know how to set a scene!’
  • “You are so open. I can identify with you.”
  • “I automatically trusted you.”
  • “You are so believable.”
  • “Very down to earth.”
  • “Practical.”

Joan specializes in facilitating workshops, retreats, and seminars based on two of her nine books: The Relief of Imperfection and The Intentional Woman.

The Relief of Imperfection: For Women Who Try Too Hard to Make It Just Right

(Visit www.reliefofimperfection.com for more information.)

Click Relief of Imperfection themes and topics for more information about planning your event around the fun and inspirational “Relief of Imperfection” book and concept. To book your next retreat or workshop, call Joan at 480-659-0440 or 480-635-2730.

The Intentional Woman: A Guide to Experiencing the Power of Your Story

(Visit www.intentionalwoman.com for more information.)


In an Interactive Seminar, Retreat, or Workshop, Joan will introduce you to powerful tools and exercises created to assist you in becoming proactive, instead of “just letting life happen to you.”  You will gain perspective about:

  • Who you are now: present roles, behavioral tendencies, and stage of life.
  • Where you have been: past experiences and accomplishments.
  • How knowing who God has created you to be and where you have been you have been helps experience the power of your story, develop a current focus, become intentional about personal and spiritual growth, and learn to love God more.


  • “Learn to make empowering choices for your future. This [process] will change your life for the better!” ~ Carol Kent, author of Becoming a Woman of Influence
  • “Life is worth figuring out, and Carol Travilla and Joan Webb explain how to do it. They’ve been where you are and show you how to get where you need to go. Clear. Step-by-step. Biblical. Personal.” ~ Leith Anderson, author of Becoming Friends with God, and Senior Pastor of Wooddale Church in Minneapolis, MN
  • Carol and Joan put together a process for personal and spiritual growth that has been life-changing for me. As a result I am a better wife, mother, friend and businesswoman and my love for God has grown exponentially. This is a must-read for any woman who desires to live pro-actively instead of being controlled by circumstances. ~ Kelly Gotthardt, Training Consultant, wife and mother

Empowering women to be intentional about glorifying God with their lives.


A lovely yellow hibiscus I saw in San Diego.


Contact Joan at 480-659-0440 or 480-635-2730

Joan C. Webb

Writing, Teaching, Coaching to Empower and Set Free


Mary Ann Vaughn September 16, 2009 at 9:13 am

I would love to enter my name to win your autographed book of It’s a Wonderful Life….
I am still wondering if you would be able to come and speak next April at our Church… Cedar Grove Baptist Church.
Still going through The Relief of Imperfection…. Loving It! Learning daily how to become free of Myself…. Allowing the Lord to Fil me…
Praying for your ministry to explode…
Love your sister in Christ
Mary Ann

Joan C Webb September 18, 2009 at 12:00 am

Hi Mary Ann,
I would love to talk with you about coming to Cedar Grove Baptist in April.
So glad you’re “loving” going through Relief of Imperfection. I look forward to talking with you. Perhaps we can chat on the phone. I’m in Dallas right now. Maybe we can talk next week. I’ll email you.
I entered you in the drawing for It’s a Wonderful (Imperfect) Life.

Mary Ann Vaughn November 3, 2009 at 9:40 am

We at CGBC are so excited about the upcoming 1 Day Ladies Retreat on April 10th. I thank you for your willingness to sacrifice for the Lord Jesus to come and share your life with other ladies who need to hear what the Lord has miraculously done in your life. Thank you for obeying God and writing The Relief of Imperfection. It has so been used to help me as a pastor’s wife to understand where I’ve allowed satan to hold me down. Thanks again and just know we are praying for you Mrs. Joan….

Kerry VanDusen February 21, 2011 at 9:52 am

Joan, I would love more information regarding your Relief of Imperfection ministry: topics, retreat format, cost to bring you to our women’s retreat. As with most churches, we have a limited budget. VERY interested, however. You can contact me at jpandkerry@gmail.com.

Thanks so much!
Kerry VanDusen

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